About Us

Objectives/Mission, Values and Vision

SDPR Group Objectives:

  • To be the Main Player in Solar Sector in the Country.
  • To provide Front Line Cutting edge Technologies from world over to Indian Enterprises.
  • To Contribute in India's Economic Growth by providing inputs like Urea, LNG, Coal etc. at most competitive price.
  • To provide High Standard of Facilitation and support to foreign entities wanting to do Business in India.


We at SDPR Group are committed to contribute to India's Technological and Economic Growth and to be a competitive value provider in International business for group companies and all our partners.

Core Values


We believe in conducting our business with fairness, honesty and transparency, so that we can at all times stand public scrutiny.


We would encourage ideas for individual and organizational development. This thinking would be fostered, encouraged and recognized for enhancing business. We believe in stretching our goals so that each of us would have a sense of ownership and responsibility for our business dealings.We believe in providing Out of Box solutions to our clients.


We will encourage an organizational culture and structures that have capacity for quick response. Flexibility and adaptability will be critical to our operations. We will aim for nimble, flexible and customized responses at all times to all our stake holders.


We must work cohesively with our colleagues, customers and partners in India and around the world, leveraging synergies and building strong networks based on collaborations and mutual cooperation.

SDPR Group

Mr. Som Chaturvedi, ChairmanMr. Som Chaturvedi, Chairman

SDPR Group was established in Dubai, UAE as well as in New Delhi, India in 2002. The firm specializes in various high-level facilitation and support services for large Multinational corporates and Government clients. The firm has a very high standard of discretion and reliability. Some of the clients who have benefited with our association are: Honeywell Ltd (UK); Fujian Ship Building Yard (China), Continental Bureau (Florida). There are other companies that the firm's trading division has profitable and mutually beneficial relationships with. Some of these are Burwill Ltd. - a Unit of the Wellnet Group, U.K.; Prime west Group, USA; Ispat Group, China etc.