Core Areas


The firm specializes in various high-level facilitation and support services for large Multinational corporate and Government clients. The firm has a very high standard of discretion and reliability.


Represent some of the major multinational companies including:

  • Yug- NefetgazPvt Ltd and Continental Bureau for underground Survey of Minerals by PMRSE Technology.
  • POR-15 the only Anti Corrosive Chemical Paint which is a permanent protection against Corrosive caused by Acid, Alkali, Gases besides humidity.
  • Nuclear Energy:- Ukrainian Company which Specializes in the handling of Solid and Liquid Atomic Waste.
  • HDI: - For exploration Nonferrous Metals.
  • Power:- Tied up with NKMZ and KZTS (Kramatorvsk), Ukraine.

Technology Transfer

SDPR Pvt Ltd has tie-ups with world-renowned companies in many high-tech areas such as:

  • Under ground exploration of Hydrocarbons and other underground minerals.
  • Lying of Gas and Oil Pipe Lines.
  • Anti-Corrosion Chemical and other specialized Chemicals.
  • Technology for increasing Oil production in existing wells.
  • Supplier of Urea, LNG &Ethanol. Various types of Chemical fertilizers-such as Urea, DAP, Potash, Phosphate, rock phosphate.
  • Oil Blocks in Papua New Guinea & Turkmenistan.
  • Coal Supply and Blocks from Indonesia.
  • Iron Ore, Gold, Diamond, Coking coal, Thermal Coal, petroleum products, D2 , Crude Oil.
  • HMS, Aluminum Scrap