Geological Exploration

Geological Exploration Geological Exploration Geological Exploration
  Our Associates from Continental Bureau, Florida  

We are tied-up with the Continental Bureau, Inc, Florida, USA which applies a new highly efficient method of geological exploration activity - the method of resonance-frequency geology. It allows distantly, straight from the earth surface, determining the presence of minerals (oil, gas, coal, ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals etc) at any depths, available for engineering development.

The devised means of geological examination fits into the category of geophysical investigations, based on the passive location of electromagnetic field of the earth and the allotment of resonance frequency, generated by diverse geological objects. Measurements are made with the help of a complex industrial gauge, controlled by a specialty trained operator. Using this method of exploration one can perform both mapping and vertical depth sounding of geological objects onshore offshore and hard to survey areas.

Depending on scale, tasks and conditions of execution, applying the method of resonance-frequency geology it is possible to conduct area explorations either on foot or using vehicle, car, helicopter, motor launch or ship (within water areas). The application of this method allows performing reconnaissance or prospecting work within large areas, including regions which are difficult of access and defined areas of water.

Our method organically blends with present traditional stages of exploration activities. It can be applied at any stage of investigation including the adaptation to a specific geological project.

Peculiar Advantages of the method of Resonance - Frequency Geology are given below:-

  • Economy - The application of the method allows drastic reducing and optimizing exploration well-boring hence is comparatively economical.
  • Universality - No limits regarding the depth and area of exploration, the potentiality of direct, remote indication of the fields of various minerals: oil, gas, water, coal ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals etc.
  • Accuracy - Resolvability, when depth sounding, is up to 1 m at the depth of 3-4 Km and up to 10 cm at the depth of 100-200m.
  • Efficiency - The results of measurements are processed in the real-time mode of operation or slightly time lagged.
  • Ecological Compatibility - Lack of harmful environmental effects.
  • ONGC has allotted survey in Padra area near Vadoddra(Gujrat) to undertake survey by this technology.

PMRSE Technology

PMRSE is modern geophysical method based on the use of electromagnetic field for determination of the rocks stress - strained state Advantages of method

  • Allows to execute aero-geophysical survey in difficult to access districts, such as: mountain locality, desert, bogs, and shelf, cross-country.
  • Provides the survey of territories in the real scale time.
  • Gives an opportunity to survey considerable territories.
  • Provides the express-estimate of the location of perspective areas and depth of hydrocarbon deposits.
  • Provides the efficient receipt of intermediate results of processing, necessary for execution of the current geological exploration works, not expecting completion of works on a project and preparation of final report.
  • Can be used independently and in a complex with other geophysical methods.