Mr. Som Chaturvedi, ChairmanMr. Som Chaturvedi - Chairman

Mr. Som Chaturvedi was with Indian Government Service from 1964 to 1997. During this time he has held several key positions in the Indian Government. He has been involved in the executive and policy making activity of the Central Government in various Ministries. Some of them are: Telecommunication, Industry, Commerce, Auto and Machine Building, Power, Railways, Mines and Minerals etc. He has also served as Officer on Special Duty to the Central Ministers.

At the time that the Indian Telecom and Broadcasting revolution was happening in 1996, Mr. Rupert Murdoch, the head of the STAR TV group - which is the premier satellite channel for all of South East and South Asia, approached him. Mr. Som Chaturvedi left the Indian Government Service (voluntary premature retirement with honors) and took charge of the, then, fledgling enterprise to bring higher broadcasting technology and independent TV news to India. He was responsible for the inception and launch of the STAR NEWS channel. The channel was inaugurated by the, then, Prime Minister of India, Mr. I.K. Gujarat.

Many of his erstwhile colleagues from the Indian Civil Services are now in key positions in the Indian Government. He has very close and personalized relationships with many of the top political leaders (from different political parties). Presently, he is the Chairman of various International Organizations and Initiatives in India.



Mrs. Asha Som Chaturvedi - Director General Management

She has 30 years of experience in General Administration and Management. Has headed number of organizations and turned around many of them by her managerial skills.


Mr Pankaj Som Chaturvedi, CEOMr. Pankaj Som Chaturvedi - CEO

A serial entrepreneur, he has rich and varied experience in education, advising governments, supply-chain management, steel industry and the renewable energy sector. He studied Bachelors and Masters course Economics from RIT, Rochester, NY and SUNY, Binghamton, NY. He has worked in the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation as a Consultant and as Advisor to the Minister for Science & Technology and Power, Government of India, UPNEDA, UREDA, NREDA, & MANIREDA. Presently, he is also advisor to several companies in varied sectors like supply-chain management, steel industry and the renewable energy sector.