Trading: - The Group of Company Pulse Exim Trading Pvt Ltd deals in following products/commodities

  • Chemical fertilizer such as Urea, DAP, MAP, MOP,NPK-15-15-15 Row Phosphate, Sulfuric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, etc. We supply chemical fertilizers to major clientsincluding INDIAN POTASH LIMITED(IPL), IFFCO (INDIAN FARMERS FERTILISER COOPERATIVE LIMITED), STC (STATE TRADING CORPORATION LIMITED), MMTC (METALS AND MINERALS TRADING CORPORATION OF INDIA etc. India and also to our clients Abroad.
  • Crude Oil, D2 (Diesel), , we make the same available to clients in India as well as outside India. For this we have tie-up with some major Refinery and supplies from Middle East, Africa as well as Russia.

LNG:- Pulse Exim and SDPR Pvt Ltd have been in the business of facilitating LNG supply to Government as well as private sector clients in India for the last 4 years. In the past, the supplies have been mostly from Russia and Middle East. We are also in touch with Inter Oil Papua New Guinea.

Recently we have received offer for LNG from Amco-SoudiArebia, which is under discussion.

In view of large requirement of LNG we are looking new sources of supply-both for spot as wells as on long term basis.

Iron Ore Fines:- From 2004 Pulse Exim has been organizing and arranging export of Iron Ore Fines from India to China. We represent some big steel plants of China who require Iron Ore Fines in the grade FE 58% to 63.5%. The export are mostly from Goa, Pradeep and Haldia. We have tie up with major mines in Orissa, Goa and Karnataka.

The transaction is Bank to bank. At the TTM the seller shall provide POP and relevant documents and concurrently the Buyer shall provide POF. Final contract shall be signed at the TTM. Since our client purchase Gold in large quantities, we are always in look out for new suppliers.

Gold:- Pulse Exim is involved in International Trading. We have recently concluded two deals of Gold from Latin-American countries to India. Similarly another deal has been concluded for the Supply of the Gold from Dubai to India.

Pulse Exim is in a position to facilitate sale as well as purchase of Gold internationally.

Pulse Exim is also looking at promising JV opportunities in Gold mines and other metals in Latin America and African continents.

Diamond: - We facilitate transaction in Diamond rough-as well as-cut for our International clients based in USA, Dubai, Turkey and Honkong etc.

Once a genuine enquiry is received, we get in touch with our major suppliers and arrange/facilitate finalization of the contract.

Coking Coal & Thermal Coal:- We arrange supply of Coking Coal to major Steal Plants in India including Steal Authority of India from Colombia, Russia, USA Australia and Indonesia etc.

At present we are sourcing Coking Coal and Thermal Coal from two mines in Colombia, (South America), South Africa, USA and Indonesia. As such we are in a position to arrange supply of both Coking Coal as well as Thermal Coal.

Similarly we also facilitate the supply of Thermal Coal from Indonesia, South Africa and Australia. Our clients include major Power Plants, Cement Plant etc.

In addition we also deal in following commodities.

  • Copper & Copper Scrap
  • Titanium
  • HMS I & II
  • Aluminum Scrap
  • Bitumen

Pulse Exim Pvt Ltd is always in look out for new Suppliers/Buyers from India and abroad for these commodities.