TRATRA International Ltd

Mr Pankaj Som Chaturvedi, CEO
TRA International Ltd

TRA International is one of India's leading technical advisory engineering consultancies specializing in solar energy. A part of the SDPR Group, it was founded by Mr. Pankaj Som Chaturvedi, under whose leadership TRA International continuously strives to promote usage of clean energy. Assistance is provided for implementation, right from site selection and due diligence, to installation of the solar system and providing after installation support.

We provide consultancy services at every stage of the project, starting from site assessment to execution of the EPC / Turnkey Project. TRA is also a Lender's Engineer for Solar PV and Thermal Power plants. The team behind these sustainability efforts is a mix of highly skilled technicians in the field of solar energy and vastly experienced professionals with excellent managerial expertise.

TRA International Ltd is a ISO 9001:2008 certified Leading Solar Training and Consulting firm focused on the fast growing solar power sector. Recognized as the industry's elite team, TRA's advisory and training services provide cutting-edge solar intelligence and analysis to some of the most highly regarded companies in India, Headquartered in New Delhi, TRA has offices across India. Its international offices are in the US, UAE and Ukraine. TRA's partnerships include HDI (Canada), Morgan Construction Company (USA), AMD Inc (USA), Sahara Computers (South Africa), Iris Corp (Malaysia), NWT Computers (Slovakia), SunBD (Portugal).

TRAThe company is a newly promoted Special Purpose Vehicle of the SDPR group for catering to the growing market potential in Solar Energy driven solutions for the Indian Market.

The main areas of focus are: CST Grid Connected Plants, Solar Chillers, Solar PV Modules, Control Components, Audit and Design Services, Direct-to-consumer solutions, Water Treatment and De-Salination Systems, Solar Trainings and Solar Powered Inverters.

TRA International has the HR Bandwidth to service the marketing, sales, installation and service support for Solar Energy products all over India.

TRA-IN provides training for those already established and also those looking to join the solar industry. Designers and business owners, contractors, installers interested in implementing solar energy projects should plan on enrolling for our course.

The TRA-IN program is based on REAL LIFE and INDUSTRY BEST PRACTISES. It's a great opportunity to keep current on solar programs, incentives, codes and legal issues as well as to see what others in the industry are doing and what you need to do to remain competitive. Our first two programs are designed to address the REAL NEED for a standardized training and testing program for the different stakeholders in the frontline of the Solar Energy Industry.

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